Shortest Python quine

A Python quine I created in 2015 has been doing well on Stackoverflow.

- Python, quine, programming

Simple libHackRF API example

Example program for interfacing with the HackRF.

- HackRF, libHackRF, c, programming

Only log required data for WPA cracking (aircrack-ng / airodump)

Patch for airodump for only logging relevant data for WPA cracking.

- aircrack-ng, airodump, WPA, cracking

Loracrack - LoRaWAN session cracker

Application for cracking LoRaWAN sessions if the AppKey is known but the handshake is missed.

- LoRa, LoRaWAN, c, programming, cracking

Self-replicating binary infecting Mach-O files

Virus-making excercise for getting to know assembly, Mach-O binaries and how virusses work.

- virus, mach-o, OSX, assembly

Programming the Razer Tartarus Chroma on Linux

Program for using the Razer Tartarus Chroma on Linux because the normal drivers weren't working.

- python, programming

Postfix mail bot for helping setting up PGP encrypted mail

Mailbot in Python for Postfix for setting up PGP encrypted mail.

- postfix, python, mail automation, pgp, crypto

Crackcoin: basic blockchain-free cryptocurrency PoC in Python

Crackcoin is a very basic blockchain-free cryptocurrency PoC in Python. It's a project for discovering cryptocurrencies.

- blockchain, python, ecc, crypto

Instant negative hash cracking wordlist lookup

Bloomhash - Instant negative hash cracking wordlist lookup

- python, hash cracking, bloom filter, wordlist

LazyFact - Factoring RSA moduli using basic methods

Application to factorise an RSA modulus using very basic methods.

- python, c, rsa, gmp, openssl, factoring

Threaded client/server sockets in Python

Program for practicing threaded server/client TCP sockets.

- python, programming, threading, sockets

ASCII animations in terminal using curses

Script for showing ascii animations in the terminal using the Python curses library.

- python, terminal, cuses, ascii

JavaScript animation using the canvas element

Programming excercise for using the canvas element from Javascript.

- javascript, animation, canvas

Python library for creating PNG image data

Python script for generating custom PNG chunks for testing decoders.

- python, image, generate