Compiling a Monero miner on OSX

This month I got interested in mining cryptocurrency - for obvious reasons - and chose to mine some Monero. A few of my VPS's are running the sofware. It's fun to see how fast they're going. I went on benchmarking some devices, like a VPS, a Raspberry Pi and a laptop. Results will be pushed to For now I want to share some solutions to errors I ran into while compiling for OSX.

The Monero miner I use can be found on

First up is solution for the libcurl library. In, comment out these lines: LIBCURL_CHECK_CONFIG(, 7.15.2, , AC_MSG_ERROR([Missing required libcurl >= 7.15.2])) And directly under those lines, add: LIBCURL="/usr/local/opt/curl/lib/libcurl.dylib" LIBCURL_CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/opt/curl/include" AC_SUBST(LIBCURL) AC_SUBST(LIBCURL_CPPFLAGS)

This was taken from an issue in a bitcoin miner.

Next up, edit and remove these arguments for AM_CFLAGS:

-ftree-loop-if-convert-stores -fbranch-target-load-optimize2 -fsched2-use-superblocks

This will codevent errors for unsupported options. Else you get errors like "clang: error: unknown argument:", as discussed here.

Now you should be able to do something like this: port install libtool autoconf automake curl git clone cd cpuminer-multi ./ CFLAGS="-Ofast -march=native" ./configure make

Mining can be done with the command: /minerd -a cryptonight -o pool-address -u monero-address -p x -t 4

Next up for benchmarking are my phone and TV.

December, 2017